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UK Welding Supply company implements MSS Mobile Application - 05/31/2010

New pricing lock functionality saves time & reduces costly errors

  A large welding supply company has implemented X1 Solution's MSS/SMS Gateway solution in order to guarantee customer specific pricing in a quick and efficient manner.

While visiting their customers, sales reps are now able to simply text the item number and proposed price back to the home office via their mobile phone. Once received, the message is routed to the appropriate manager who can instantly approve the special pricing. Upon approval, the new price is automatically uploaded to their accounting system. Therefore, when the customer calls in to place their order, the correct pricing is available, thus reducing order errors and credits while at the same time improving customer service.

This company has found that the product was extremely affordable, quick to implement, and has saved them time and money by streamlining a once redundant and potentially error filled process. Now, customers are assured that the pricing they agreed upon is accurately reflected on any order they place!

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