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MSS Product Suite Integration with AR Traffic CalcRate - 02/18/2010

Mobile Sales Suite utilizes AR Traffic's CalcRate to automate freight rating

  MSS/CRM and MSS/Website now fully support AR Traffic's freight rating software "CalcRate" in both the standard MSS client and web browser. This integration allows MSS users to select the ideal company to ship an order from based on rate, order packaging, and carrier.

As explained on AR Traffic's website, CalcRate is based on a carrier rate database with a sophisticated search engine and freight pay system. Designed to interface with your order-entry and warehouse management software, you can also use it independently as a stand-alone application. You can use it to determine freight charges in advance and identify the carrier with the lowest rates and most appropriate timing for each shipment."

Some of the benefits include:

  • No reliance on third-party freight payment services

  • Matches carrier's billing with your internal billing

  • Auditing and checks for billing errors

All of which save money, time, and costly claims!

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