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Alliance Plastics implements MSS/Triggers to streamline operations - 08/15/2009

Tired of using exception reports to catch unusual conditions in your ERP system, financial system, or other applications that use a SQL or Lotus Domino database?

  Alliance Plastics was! That's why they decided to implement X1 Solutions MSS/Triggers automation application.

MSS/Triggers now monitors their internal systems for specific conditions and alerts designated employees with an e-mail or SMS-text message. Now issues that occur in these systems are logged and a new audit trail is present. In some cases, incorrect data is caught by MSS/Triggers ahead of time and corrected automatically! Additionally, manual tasks such as: monitoring unusual events, pushing information out to users on a scheduled basis, and awareness of unexpected server downtime are now handled in an automated fashion. Full integration to X1 Solutions Mobile Sales Suite product suite allows MSS/Triggers to generate CRM Activities and handle customer-specific alerts.

Alliance Plastics has found that the product was extremely affordable, quick to implement, and has saved them time and money by reducing exception reporting and operating their internal systems with clean data.

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