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Leading US Training company piloting Microsoft CRM and Scribe Integration - 05/01/2009

A leading training company based in the US has chosen X1 Solutions to implement a pilot system to potentially replace their current CRM solution.

  For several months X1 Solutions has assisted a large US training company in the implementation of a customized version of Microsoft CRM 4.0 which integrates to both their current registration and CRM systems. Scribe Software's Insight Manager and MS CRM Adapter are being used to provide the integration among all three systems.

Over the past year, this organization has determined that new infrastructure and software solutions need to be implemented in order to allow them to operate more efficiently, maximize sales efforts, consolidate informational assets, and function in a nimble, yet more centralized manner.

    The investment in the pilot project is to determine if the extensive feature set within Microsoft CRM can:

  • Provide the same level of functionality as the current system.
  • Minimize costs through the sharing of data throughout multiple locations.
  • Have a centralized view of sales opportunities (“sales pipeline”) as well as reports based on these views.
  • Utilize workflow to process captured email and email responses between system users and outside prospects/customers.
  • Enhance report generation through ad-hoc queries for criteria such as account potential and year vs. year growth.
  • Consolidate activity management visibility for the entire organization rather than at each specific location.


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