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   Home > News > General > Duraco, Inc. launches enhanced company web presence with MSS/Website
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Duraco, Inc. launches enhanced company web presence with MSS/Website - 01/15/2009

MSS/Website & MSS/CRM are used to extend corporate data to customers and prospects.

  Duraco, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of foam tapes, thin bonding tapes, hook and loop, magnetic tapes, gaskets & weather stripping, acrylic high bond tapes, non-skid foam, and other adhesive products.

    Duraco chose X1 Solutions to assist them with:

  • Implementing their initial web presence.
  • Developing an on-line product catalog that could be easily maintained.
  • Designing functionality that would allow their customers to find item information easily through unique methods of searching and filtering.

Behind the scenes, MSS integrates with existing systems to create a complete product catalog with merged item data and present it to users on the Internet in a comprehensive, yet "easy to navigate" fashion. Since their product ranges consist of many attributes, the website allows users to search and filter in a variety of ways. Catalog administrators can add, modify, backup, or publish additional information "on the fly" as product information changes.

As a result, end users of the new website can view and search Duraco's complete product range, order free samples to "try before you buy", submit a catalog request, and download product information.

To see the solution in action, visit

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