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Alliance Plastics expands current web functionality to Alliance Express sites - 10/01/2008

Leveraging their current MSS infrastructure, Alliance Plastics achieves greater ROI with Alliance Express websites.

  After the success of their new websites utilizing X1 Solution's MSS/Website and MSS/CRM products, Alliance Plastics realized that they could achieve a greater return on their investment by extending the same functionality to their Alliance Express stores.

Alliance Plastics is a leading manufacturer of plastic parts in the US. They tend to sell these parts in large bag quantities. In order to cater to smaller customers who may not need large quantities, Alliance Plastics utilizes "Express" stores that sell the same inventory in smaller quantities.

Although there may be a few differences between how both business operate, their customers still need access to the same information. Since the majority of this is similar and had previously been automated via X1 Solution's MSS product suite, Alliance Express was able to implement their own website with the same level of functionality. They were also able to achieve this in a matter of months - and at a fraction of the cost.

As a result, end users of the new website can view and search Alliance Express' complete product range, order free samples, submit a catalog request, and download product information.

To see the solution in action, visit

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