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Anne Penman Laser Therapy utilizes X1's integration skills. - 06/14/2004

Anne Penman Laser Therapy - coming to a city near you!

  Anne Penman Laser Therapy (APLT) takes a new approach to help clients stop smoking, lose weight and relieve stress. Utilizing low level laser technology, success rates for treatments continue to climb - as do their locations which are springing up all over the United States. As a result, the company needed assistance with internal systems in order to coordinate appointment scheduling, manage billing transactions, maintain client data and record treatment specific results. APLT turned to X1 Solutions and their knowledge of system integration to provide solutions in these areas.

The solution implemented is a complete package for solving the operational and industry specific needs at each location.

  • It allows for patient scheduling, recording of client data & treatments, technician information, transactional processing, security, HIPAA compliance and reporting.

  • The client module is an integrated extension of the practice management software. It records specific information on each client and their treatment history in order to determine over all therapy success rates.

Challenge & Solution
The challenge was an affordable, yet open and robust practice management application to provide the basic operational needs at each location. Once selected and implemented, the next step was to develop a customized module that would keep track of client and therapy information specific to Anne Penman Laser Therapy. The solution was AltaPoint Medical software and the Anne Penman Client Module, a Microsoft VB.Net application. Totally integrated, each location uses both applications to maintain client and treatment information as well as perform scheduling and billing functions. Additionally, the complete solution allows for specific reporting features such as treatment success rates and technician analysis. The next step is to synchronize the data at each location to a centralized database to provide global reporting as well as disaster recovery/data back-up. Now that the infrastructure is in place, this is quickly becoming a reality and sets Anne Penman Laser Therapy apart from their competition.

Click here for more information on Anne Penman Laser Therapy.

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