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Abrasive Depot runs on MSS - 08/03/2004

Online store front chooses MSS to automate web transactions and customer self-service

  Abrasive Depot, an online store front for pre-packaged industrial abrasives needed an integrated website and product catalog. As a result, they deployed X1 Solutions’ Mobile Sales Suite/CRM (MSS/CRM) and Mobile Sales Suite/Website (MSS/Website) solution. For Abrasive Depot, MSS provided a completely automated solution to create/maintain accounts/order history, display a product catalog, allow secure online order entry, process credit cards and automatically upload all order data to their accounting system. The result is a completely automated business solution that allows company employees to focus solely on shipping product rather than processing transactions.

Challenge & Solution
Since Abrasive Depot is a completely online company, they wanted a totally automated solution. However, rather than utilize a hosted service or Yahoo shopping cart, they wanted the ability to keep systems internal and integrate to their current accounting system. With minimal staff and high order volume, it was essential that their time was spent picking and shipping orders, rather than handling order transactions. MSS/Website and MSS/CRM allows the company to accomplish these goals as the process from account creation to order submission is completely automated. All the staff has to do ship out new orders, update order status and add a tracking number for shipment inquiry. Abrasive Depot has determined that the solution paid for itself with in the first three months which does not include the additional employee that would have been hired to enter and maintain accounts and orders. Now Abrasive Depot can concentrate on adding new products and adding more features to the MSS System currently in place.

To see MSS in action, check out Abrasive Depot for yourself.

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