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Remington Medical Graduates from Act! to MSS/CRM - 03/15/2004

Medical Manufacturer implements better visibility with MSS

  Remington Medical, a leading manufacturer of medical products, was looking for a customizable, yet affordable, CRM solution to replace their current sales sytem, Act! As a result, they deployed X1 Solutions’ Mobile Sales Suite/CRM (MSS/CRM). For Remington Medical, MSS provided an affordable, yet total business solution for their internal sales staff and management visibility needs.

Remington Medical manufactures and distributes products such as disposable surgical cables, permanent lead introducers, biopsy needles, arterial needles, decanters and a variety of adapters for temporary pacemakers, temporary pacing catheters and pacing system analyzers. Their goal has been to provide quality products at remarkably lower prices to the marketplace and with timely delivery to their customers. In addition to selling direct to the marketplace, Remington also sells through distributors such as Owen & Minor, General Medical, the Burrows Company, Allegiance Healthcare and several independent representatives. Remington also OEM's products, distributes products and supplies to major custom tray packers such as Baxter, Allegiance, and Maxxims Medical.

Challenge & Solution
The immediate challenge was to find and implement a CRM solution that would provide visibility of clients for various locations rather than solely at the contact level. Second, was utilizing a product that could streamline specific business processes between the sales sytem and their accounting system (Exact’s Macola Progression). Once solved, the last challenge was to implement a system that could display this information as specified by management. What differentiated MSS from other competitive products was the fact that it could solve all of these at a fraction of the cost. The complete solution provides customer/prospect/contact information and account activity in an optimal sales paradigm but with a similar look and feel of the previous system. Additionally, integration with Macola Progression provides live data reads and placement of sample orders through a standard user-interface rather than having to utilize two different systems.

The solution consisted of implementing Mobile Sales Suite/CRM and integration to Macola Progression. To include:

o Robust customer relationship management solution that leverages existing IT infrastructure.
o Data conversion/migration from previous system (Act!) into MSS/CRM.
o Integration to Macola Progression for live customer and product information and sample order generation.
o Customized look and feel to meet management objectives and reduce the learning curve for internal sales force.

The primary benefit of the solution is the ability to now track account activity/history for contacts at multiple locations, rather than solely at the contact level. Previously, all sales activity and history were stored at the contact level. This meant each time a sales person contacted a client or prospect, the history pertaining to the contact was mixed with other contacts at the same company. MSS/CRM now saves the sales team time by only showing history relevant to the person being called, but also by rolling information up to the location level for complete visibility of account activity for a specific locations or the company as a whole. Likewise, new product samples for customers and prospects are initiated through MSS rather than Macola Progression, thus eliminating the necessity to work out of two separate systems. Total time for reviewing previous history, calling the account, recording the call, entering conversation notes plus follow-up, and entering sample requests has been reduced by 40%. This allows a more productive and better informed sales staff.

(Act! is property of Best Software. Macola Progression is property of Exact Software)

For more information on how Mobile Sales Suite can benefit your organization, please contact us at +1-678-627-0227, email us at or visit our website at

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