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Having a Problem with Spam? - 11/08/2003

"This year, half of all external corporate email will be spam, compared with a third last year," market researcher IDC says. Spam costs your company money and productivity, and opens your email network to viruses. We can help!

  X1 Solutions is a certified reseller and implementer of Eagle Technology's SpamEraser for Lotus Domino/Notes. The application is extremely affordable and often times only needs free phone support from X1 Solutions for a successful implementation.

SpamEraser has many advantages over most of the tools currently available or that come with Domino. One of the biggest advantages is that SpamEraser automates the process of blocking unwanted addresses and domains. It allows all of the user in the organization to contribute to the blocking lists in an automated way. This keeps administrators from having to manage it manually as is the case with all other tools and features.

If you're ready to fight back, contact X1 Solutions and start erasing your spam today!

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