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Schleicher & Schuell - 06/10/2002

Schleicher & Schuell Selects Mobile Sales Suite for CRM

  Schleicher & Schuell (S&S), a leading manufacturer in medical and diagnostic testing products, was looking for a robust CRM solution that would integrate to their existing ERP system. As a result, they deployed X1 Solutions’ Mobile Sales Suite/CRM solution (MSS/CRM). For Schleicher & Schuell, MSS provided a total business solution for internal customer service and the external sales force, enabling customer information awareness, sales forecasting and activity management.


Schleicher & Schuell is a leading manufacturer of products for life science research and diagnostic test development. They have combined their expertise in surface chemistries, experience in materials and manufacturing, and knowledge of the biological sciences to develop and produce membranes, papers, surface-modified media, microarray slides and reagent kits used by thousands of researchers and manufacturers worldwide.

Challenge & Solution

The business problem was to find an affordable, yet robust CRM solution that would have true integration to their existing ERP system. Many competitive solutions presented were out of budget and started around $150K. MSS/CRM was an ideal solution that provided the majority of features the more expensive CRM solutions had, but for a fraction of the cost. The complete solution provides customer and contract information, opportunity generation, activity assignment and tracking, a complete product catalog, competitor analysis, lead generation and promotion, and a sales and company knowledge-base. Since it is an integrated solution, the ERP system remains the master data source. However, MSS/CRM enhances the initial IT investment by distributing ERP information as well as collecting additional information that does not exist with in the ERP system.


The solution consisted of implementing Mobile Sales Suite/CRM and integration to their ERP system. To include:
  • Robust customer relationship management solution that leverages existing IT infrastructure.

  • Data conversion from previous system (Telemar) into MSS/CRM.

  • Complete integration to the ERP system for customer and product information.

  • Total visibility of customer, product and sales information for customer service and the remote sales force.

  • Intelligent product cataloging, activity generation and visibility, and sales opportunity tracking and conversion.

The primary benefit of the solution was centralized visibility to corporate data for the internal and remote sales force. Previously, multiple applications were used but the information was not available to all parties. MSS/CRM centralizes the data and distributes it to the appropriate sales and management teams. Therefore, external sales, internal sales assistants and CSRs are better equipped to provide a higher level of customer service by resolving complaints, filling sample and literature requests, and following-up on sales leads more proactively. Since it is an integrated solution, users of the system do not have to spend a lot of time rekeying data that already exists. However, they do benefit from new features that the previous system did not offer such as: complete contact management, lead generation and promotion, opportunity pipeline forecasting, reporting to MS Office, sales history distribution and a complete product catalog.

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