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Abrasives & Equipment of Atlanta - 06/16/2003

Abrasives & Equipment of Atlanta utilizes MSS / Portal for Online Services

  X1 Solutions - MSS / Portal in Action

Abrasives and Equipment (A&E), a distributor of industrial abrasives and blast equipment, was looking for a solution that would allow them to integrate their existing accounting system and take their business to the Web. As a result, they deployed X1 Solutions’ Mobile Sales Suite/Portal (MSS/Portal) consisting of MSS/CRM and MSS/Website products. For A&E, MSS provided a total business solution to efficiently place their inventory on the Web, offer shopping cart & credit card processing as well as a complete internal CRM solution. All of which are integrated to their internal accounting system, BusinessWorks Gold.

Challenge & Solution

Since A&E is a small organization, they needed an affordable solution that was easy to use and with little technical expertise. Integration to their current accounting system and the ability to track sales opportunities (quotes) were desired but not necessary. Fortunately, Mobile Sales Suite solved all their problems and with in budget. Integration between MSS and the accounting system was established to link customer, contact and item information. The product catalog structure was created and online items selected in MSS/CRM. Finally, MSS/Website was implemented to allow online order entry via shopping cart method to the product catalog. The only thing the A&E staff has to do is take pictures and attach them to items in the product catalog. Additionally, they now have a robust CRM system that is integrated with their accounting system. A&E is finally able to generate new business through Internet orders, provide customer self-service through the Web portal and work an accurate sales pipeline of quotes that in the past were unmanaged and stored in a file cabinet.


The solution consisted of implementing Mobile Sales Suite and integration to BusinessWorks Gold accounting system to provide:
  • A complete internal CRM system that is integrated to existing business systems.

  • Product catalog synchronized with the accounting system for real-time Web access.

  • B-2-C shopping cart for secure, online order entry.

  • A complete website with dynamic content that is easy to maintain, administer and update appearance.

  • Portal solution that allows new users and existing customers to maintain accounts, place & track orders, check order status, and search the company knowledgebase for FAQ’s, public company forms and technical information.

A&E chose to implement MSS/Portal to solve a number of business problems. Through the quick implementation, they were able to realize immediate benefit of solving certain business problems quickly. Likewise, since the solution is integrated to their existing business system, much of the content (such as customers and items) were populated automatically. Over the long-term the system will be easy to maintain and adding new items for Web purchases takes a matter of minutes. Over time the CRM system itself will help them identify why they are winning and losing equipment sales which could not be efficiently tracked in the past. Since the industrial blast industry is behind the technology curve, they do not expect online order entry to produce significant amounts of revenue with in the first year. However, they have already received orders via the website and are one of the first companies in their arena to offer this functionality. They also feel that personalization and online services through the portal will allow them to stay ahead of the competition as the industry becomes more technically savvy.

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