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Atlanta parts distributor implements MSS/CRM V3 - 12/24/2002

Small business realizes the "bang for their buck" when implementing CRM.

  December 23, 2002 - A distributor of industrial abrasives and blast equipment has implemented X1 Solutions MSS/CRM version. 3 as their chosen CRM solution. The company will initially use the Lead Center database of MSS/CRM as a method of introducing new products to various industries/potential customers. This effort will utilize internal and external sales resources to farm lead lists imported into MSS/CRM Lead Center. The software will then allow tracking of activities, opportunities and conversion of prospects into supporting databases with in MSS/CRM.

By end of 1st quarter 2003, their system will be integrated with Best Software’s BusinessWorks Gold (version 3.0), a mid-range accounting system. Upon completion, X1 will provide SyncAgent maps that support BusinessWorks Gold to other parties interested in integrating MSS/CRM with this accounting platform.

“The main benefit we see in the integration with our accounting system is two-fold. First, our master source of data will reside in the accounting system, such as customer information, and MSS/CRM will allow us to extend it - building better relationships with our customers. Secondly, the next version of MSS/CRM will allow us to have an online catalog so we can sell our products on the web. Since we are a small business, expenditures are an issue. We were unable to find any other applications that would give us this type of integration and functionality for the price” says John Hughes (General Manager).

This is the first customer to utilize MSS/CRM in a hosted environment. Through out the first half of 2003, the company will access their MSS/CRM environment remotely by connecting to their server at X1’s office. X1 will then assist in the transition of the environment to their physical location by 3rd quarter of 2003. This is also the first small business to implement an X1 Solution.

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