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Moss Plastic Parts upgrades to V3 of MSS/CRM - 09/24/2002

Leading UK based injection molding firm completes upgrade to V3 of MSS/CRM on time and within budget

  Sept 24, 2002 - Atlanta, GA - Moss Plastic Parts, a leading UK based manufacturer of injection molding products has completed their upgrade to the new Version 3 of MSS/CRM. Moss Plastics has been a user of Mobile Sales Suite products for over three years and has grown from a pilot group of users to having over 100 seats of MSS installed throughout Europe. Moss Plastics was the original client of MSS/COM and leveraged the advantages of the application in order to streamline and cut cost in their Order Creation and Management process at their Calls Centers as well as on the Web.

With the upgrade to MSS/CRM V3 Moss is now able to take advantage of the additional functionality of the system as well as the added integration to their BPCS ERP system. The upgraded system will improve communication between the Customer Centers and the remote Sales Force. Information about customer activites are now visible to all system users for review and follow up. Customer Service Reps will be notified of recent customer activies and will be able to pro-actively follow up with the client when they call in to place an order. MSS/CRM is now also being used to manage the sales process. Client opportunities can now be tracked and managed throughout the sales cycle accross the organization. Management has instant access to all client and prospect opportunities for review and action.

Furture plans are to continue the rollout of the complete MSS system to additional locations troughout Europe. Each location that receives the BPCS ERP system will also receive the MSS product set. All order entry for Moss is now gone only through MSS/COM and MSS/COM for web. All Customer Relationship Management is now done through MSS/CRM.

For more information about the MSS system please visit our web site at or call us at 678 627-0227.

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