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BioTech Firm selects MSS for CRM - 08/06/2002

Leading BioTech supply firm selects and goes live with the Mobile Sales Suite CRM solution for Customer Management and Sales Automation

  August 6, 2002 - Atlanta, GA - An industry leading BioTech equipment supply firm in New Hampshire and Florida has recently completed an installation of the MSS/CRM system for Customer Management and Sales Automation. The system has been deployed to the Customer Service Representatives internally as well as the field sales team. The system will be used to collect and share all activity and opportunity information for customers and prospects.

The remote sales team can now easily share information with the Customer Service group in order to automate and accelerate the communication process for customer needs. Weekly sales activity reports are also being replaced with integrated activity reports. Sales Management can now instantly view all activities for each Sales Representative and/or Customer Service Agent.

Future plans include moving the organization to the MSS/COM system for all BPCS Order Creation and Management processes. MSS/COM will enhance the Order Creation system by combining multiple screens that are currently needed to create and process an order in that a single order form is used within the MSS system. The order process will become more efficient by linking the order environment to the CRM system. This will allow Customer Service Reps and or Sales Reps to create and track activities related to an order.

For more information about the MSS system please visit our web site at or call us at 678 627-0227.

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